Harmony vs. Romione, Part II

After quite the long absence, our fellow Heron fan returns to make me think riddikulus things. From now on, I will refer to whatweareafraidof as a male (even though I still have no idea of gender) and his nickname is Heron (Hermione/Ron). Once again, purely for my amusement, the entire conversation is unedited. I did not improve, I did not make it worse. I simply copy-pasted, and changed the color. Heron is purple, I am

Harmony vs. Romione

A long time ago, when I got my first and last true flamer, I was told to embrace the hatred, learn from it, grow from it, and move on. So I’m doing that. But sometimes, I like to reflect on it. Was I wrong? Was I the one talking shit? You be the judge. And flame me on it. And who knows, you might be put up on this site next. I wasn’t planning on