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Finally – And I mean FINALLY! – After seven long years, The Rihaan has – Sorry. Been watching too much WWE lately. Damn you, network. Seriously. It has been seven years since I began working on my website, It has, apparently, been visited by almost 100,000 different computers over the years, and for a foreign site that holds fanfictions, which are easily just as accessible on, is an astounding number.

Yeah, I’m Still Alive.

Well, here we are again. Just an update on the happenings. I’ve never done this before, so pardon my petty excuses. I’m only posting this here, because I want to focus the rage to just here. Chapter 2 of The Benson Burner Project: 4,632 Words The List, another epic novel I’m working on: 25,600 Words so far. Aiming for 60,000. I’m stupidly ambitious. Several one-shots I’m working on, because they can’t leave my mind, and

Why do you lean towards Dark Harmony?

I have a very cynical mind. I remember my favorite episode of the old Justice League Animated Series is the episode that Superman kills Lex Luthor, and the entire future is, frankly, a better one. Every time I look at Batman, I always wonder what it would be like if he just put the Joker down. All of us have wondered it once or twice in our lives, right? I can’t be the only one.