How I Met Your Mothers (Prologue)

It’s mind-shatteringly nerve-wracking, starting a new story. Someone should’ve told me that before I did it 14 times (cheap plug).
The first chapter sets up a baseline. A ‘tone’, if you will. And I don’t know how people will respond to a Ted/Lily story, a Ted/Multi Story, or a Ted/Still Sick Tracy story. There is not a lot of those stories in any of those categories, and I really liked the idea of Ted/Lily when I considered it.

But How I Met Your Mother is my favorite sitcom of all time, and I really wanted to do this ‘what-if’ fantasy. What if Lily admitted earlier on her fascination with the other gender, and Ted embraced it? What if Lily was Ted’s Barney? His best friend and wing girl. Tag-team partner for life.

Lily sometimes showed interest in being a female version of Barney, and a lesbian interest. And maybe, one day, I’ll write a more literal version of ‘Female Barney’, who I will tentatively name Bayley (Because everything I do ties back to wrestling somehow). It might actually star Bayley from WWE, now that I think about it. Everyone loves Bayley. Especially Sasha. Huh. Forget I said anything, I want it to be a surprise.

Anyway, expect the story to be a lot different, but much around the same, with twists galore. Thank you for reading.

Please comment below, and be apart of the community. You might not see it, and in fact, I can’t, but believe me, it’s there. Go by faith, not by sight.

Thank you for your patience, precious Patrons. This will come out eventually, but I think I should write a little bit more down, first.

Now – Back to those other stories, that I totally didn’t neglect because I had a block and had to distract myself by starting another story altogether.

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