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The Life is Strange add-on has me torn. It isn’t done by the original team, Ashly Burch isn’t voicing our favorite blue-haired fuck up, and, well, it has literally everything going against it. It’s an add-on. It’s meant to be the end of the series, hopefully answer a few questions, and go full angst.

The Original Life is Strange was a real perfect storm. It was unexpected, heart-breaking, and it took out of me until I had nothing to give. Not since The Last of Us, had I held a game in such high regard.

This add-on, from the looks of it, looks like something I won’t even play, much less write about.

…. Okay, I might still play it. Under protest. I mean, spoiler alert, it’s going to be sad. Like, really sad. They showed the truck crash and everything. And there’s no time travel to tell me that I have a chance to correct something. Life is Strange was interesting because I thought I had a chance to do good, and it could all end well. ‘Before the Storm’ is an Ironic title, because you know there is no Calm. I feel like Chloe’s story was already told. I’m not all that interested in Rachel Amber, because the fact that she was made ambiguous made her interesting. I can take a guess as to what went down before hand. You can’t really change history without time travel. You might as well just make it a movie. There’s no major choices to be made.

Also, she knew nothing about Rachel’s second life. Nothing about Frank, or Jefferson, or anyone. So will we be playing as Rachel? How did they get three episodes out of this? It’s like Chloe is the secondary character, again. It’s exactly how I wrote about it in my fic (Ch. 5). Max was the one with the powers, so you can’t tell the story through Chloe’s eyes, because there’s so much going on elsewhere. It will be the same for her in the add-on.

Also. I want Max in the game. Obviously. Long live the Pricefields. Not there to watch Chloe ultimately fail to get over Max, and try to get with Rachel. Knowing that game, she will probably hook up with Amber, because they left that totally open to interpretation. Or they’ll let you choose. Same end result – Crushed Chloe.

This game has given me so many feels, and it’s not even out yet.

But what’s your opinion of Before the Storm? Is it something worth your attention? Do you have enough faith in Dontnod, and the company that they put their faith in (Deck Nine Games) to continue their story? Or do you think it’s just a cash grab, and a stall for time for the real Life is Strange 2?

It could be all of it, but personally, I need to hear more about it. Even though it sounds like I’ve already made my mind up, even to me, I’ll listen for more details, and decide before I buy.

What do you think?

EDIT: Yup, I’m playing it. Sunday, Oct. 29, 7PM EST. I look forward to eating my words, and I hope not to be disappointed.

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  1. You know that LiS is mainly Max’s story, there is of course a great participation of Chloe but this story is mostly centered on Max. LiS: BTS is centered on Chloe, and the story of Chloe and Rachel, which is a good thing because we finally know the mysterious Rachel, it’s a dream come true. Yes I know, we’ve already heard rumors about her, and her story according to Chloe but it’s only by people, not by Rachel herself. Do not listen too much to the rumors, they are generally exaggerated and Chloe’s admiration on Rachel can distort the deal, so we will make our own judgment in this game.

    It’s really sad that Ashly Burch, she really has a voice that personalizes Chloe, but her replacement is not bad either.

    The plot of LiS is not the time travel, it is a characteristic which reflected the personality of Max (undecided, wanting to make the best choice for her, etc …), the main subjects are the friendship of Max & Chloe above all, teen drama, and also the mystery of the disappearance of Rachel, the subjects which we shall find in before the storm: friendship of Chloe & Rachel and a mystery about Rachel’s family.

    In fact, the fact that there is no journey in time makes it more difficult, more interesting, it forces us to put ourselves in the shoes of Chloe, we do not know everything about her.

    It’s a prequel, it’s useless to talk about Max since she will not be there. You’re pretty pessimistic, even if Chloe has no power, she still has her own story, everything does not turn around Max.

    Frankly, this game deserves to be known, we will play Chloe and I feel it will bring us answers with Rachel, fun too, a lot of drama and who knows, before the storm will surely bring its share of surprise!

    1. Sorry, but I have to disagree.

      I love life is Strange, not for the temporal elements of the story, obviously. I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the characters. Above all, I enjoyed the relationship between Max and Chloe. More specifically, I enjoyed the potential there. It was personal, and beautiful.

      When it comes to games, I appreciate the lore. So I’m one of those people that can think that the story of a sequel, or a prequel, can alter my original concept of the story. It puts my beliefs in jeopardy, and while it’s silly to think of it that way, it’s just how I think.

      They’re leaning hard on elements that I didn’t like about the story. They’re leaning on the angst that I wanted to avoid, and the dialogue that was admittedly cringey. I’m playing through a story about a girl who has shitty things happen to her, and she’s depressed, and hope comes to her in the form of another lost girl who I’m not already attached to, who will be taken away from her in the end.

      I won’t be able to save Rachel. I will only be able to choose my level of optimism when it comes to how Chloe feels about the shit that is thrown at her. I can’t save William. I can only choose the level of anger I want to throw towards Joyce. The end journey isn’t a melancholy ending, because everything Chloe cares about will be taken away from her. The journey may be satisfying, in terms of story, but we all know the main points, and the end-journey. Seeing how kind and/or fun and/or comforting Rachel is, just seems like a fruitless venture.

      I’m not mad that Max isn’t in the story. I’m perturbed that there is a prequel at all. To me, it just seems like a way to squeeze money out of the fans who have poured their hearts into a game, who are invested in the characters in a scary way, like myself.

      I felt that Chloe’s story was best explained through ambiguity in the flashbacks. She was so descriptive, and vivid with how she had felt, that the word pictures she painted said plenty.

      I would have wanted a story set through Rachel’s eyes, honestly. I don’t need to decide through Chloe’s eyes, she’s been pretty clear on how she felt. I am more interested in how Rachel dealt with Chloe, and her interactions with Nate and Jefferson long before she was killed. I want to see her try to decide on how Chloe felt about her, and how she felt about a certain friend who had abandoned her long ago, and they both coped with tragedy in their lives.

      I’m sure Chloe’s story will be filled with in-jokes and surprises and foreshadowing, and I might even love it. But I am allowed to be skeptical, because honestly, I don’t see what kind of story can be told that will leave me as satisfied as I had been with the original story. Right now, it feels unnecessary.

      But thank you for your opinion. I would like to have more discussions if anyone left comments.

  2. For a sequel I can understand is in the future and the things you believed about the characters and the concept of the game can be questioned as things may have changed, evolved. For a prequel, how important? It’s in the past and it will not change anything that will happen on the original game, it can give us answers … it can also change some that you can believe but it is in any universe.

    Well, not all we know of Rachel can be distorted, as it is from the point of view of other people. Even Chloe’s is certainly wrong, we know she loved her very much, the scene in the junkyard shows us well, although Chloe knew about her relationship with Frank.

    There, I agree, I too will have preferred a game where we play Rachel. We already know Chloe, we already know a part of her story while Rachel is a novelty. But hey, developers have their own ideas on the issue, I’m sure they will do something right.

    No worries, I’m pleased to talk to you.

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