Arkham Knight Review

Eating Upside Down writes:

Great chapter, I’m really looking forward for more! That being said, I just picked up a Playstation batman bundle last week and wanted to know how you felt about the game. I really enjoy the story so far, but I’m really getting tired of the bat mobile- it’s like a second protagonist/sidekick. Compared to Arkham City, Arkham knight feels less linear but also way less intense. All those side missions that are “subtly” urged towards you make the plot way less dire. I will say that the Joker makes the game interesting- so far I never feel bored (unless I’m in the batmobile) because I love running into the crazed clown. Let me know your thoughts and I may hit you up on Playstation network once I can spend more time gaming. It’s too bad I’m entering my final year of college. XD

My Reply:

Honestly, and maybe it’s because I’m a racing game fan, but I don’t understand the Batmobile hate. I wouldn’t have minded if it weren’t so important in the story mode, but they were really proud of it, and you get your fair amount of Being Batman on foot. Slinging enemies in the air to get shot by a rubber bullet, and to be almost out of health, only for a careening death trap to powerslide around the corner to save my ass is always a fun experience for me. Rocksteady was overly proud to make that car, and they’re probably right about it being the best car in gaming history so far, but I can see how it turned people off simply by how different it is. But it has never bothered me, and the intro to using the car (‘Press L1 to Even the Odds’, will probably be a new battle cry for me) will always be a highlight in gaming moments. Plus, Riddler’s racetracks are unbearably fun.

The entirety of Arkham Knight, to me, feels like it’s way more serious than the other games. Joker is literally the only source of comedy (which was the best surprise I could possibly get in the game to see Mark Hamill’s return), and the game feels overly edgy and dark, like a sense of impending doom and gloom. The game doesn’t make me feel good, and that’s a good thing, really, if you want to be forced into feeling as hopeless, and determined, as the Batman as you progress through the story, and seeing all the bad things happen really puts you in the mood. But the theatrics and incredible graphics makes the game not only playable, but the most fun I’ve had out of any game when it comes to any small thing I do, like grappling up a vent from the grates, and the combat.

The only real problem I had with the game were the introduction of the side missions, but at least they were introduced either by Cash or Alfred during downtimes in the actual story mode, not during the heights. I would have preferred the villain of that particular side mission to introduce themselves in the Main story mode, and make it an option for Batman to tie up later. That’s my real only problem. All of them were fun in their own way, especially the serial killer and Firefly, and of course Riddler. Two-Face’s Bank run was pretty fun and unique as well.

And if I had a real problem with the game, it’s more Harley. They try to go for something deeper with her character (she being the closest threat to killing Batman if she really tried) but it’s always something humiliating from her at the last minute. So sad.

The one complaint Arkham City always got from critics is the fact that it wasn’t linear, so your standpoint is pretty unique. Arkham Knight felt pretty good to me on a story standpoint, and I knew exactly what to do at all times, except at one point when I had to use the Sonar weapon.

So there, my half-assed review of Arkham Knight. In hindsight, I should start doing game reviews on my blog, or make a separate one. But I give a lot of positive reviews on a lot of games people bash (like as I recently found out, the God of War series) so that might not work out well in the end.

Sorry for the mini-story, even though you just read a ton today already, and good luck with college. I’m going back for a Bachelor’s degree in my field, Criminal Justice, or an Associate’s in Computer Science, I haven’t really decided yet.

Yeah, send me a request and I’ll add you on the Network, and I hope you can get back to gaming soon, because let’s face it, College is a commitment, but gaming is the life.

I’ve decided that long-winded replies are eligible to be put up in the FAQ’s. I have a surprising number of them. Thanks for reading, and if you want my opinions on other things, PM or comment, and you’ll see how strong my feelings are.

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