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Well got back from holiday myself and read the story from scratch to refresh my memory.  Which was a good thing as I had missed a lot on the initial pass.  For instance hadn’t understood what the baby was in the limbo sequence where Harry and Hermione are speaking just before her recovery from the soul sharing.  Despite it being pretty damned clear when you actually read the story!!

Yeah, I thought that was a unique twist, having to do with the spawn Horcrux. I mean, not showing it any love or attention was what made Voldemort in the first place, right?

Most noticeably that Ron isn’t the only one in the Weasley family in bad ordure with the team.  When Ginny is openly identified as the Bitch and Hermione has to reassure Harry that putting her to sleep meant a magical coma and not killing her I gather she is less than popular.  Has she tried to be a bit possessive or something else?  There was a reference to her disobeying the group.

Luna was the one that reassured Harry that they didn’t kill Ginny, (but that’s a small detail) and most of Harry’s girls do care for her somewhat, but she is just a bit overzealous in her love for Harry. Obsessive, you could say. Rabid, the others would say. Hence the reference to a slave-like relationship, where she doesn’t get as many freedoms. Strangely enough, even with her naming, I don’t plan to be too rude to Ginny. Well, not as rude as previous projects.

Similarly it makes me think.  There have been references to Ron having brain damage from a failed spell cast.  However given the hostility displayed toward him is that actual or a reference to the contempt he’s viewed with?  This is definitely a bloodier world from the way that Harry and friends think nothing of disposing of captured death eaters in experiments, as compared to the OTL situation where they were lucky to escape with their lives thanks in part to the intervention of allies.  Although with Voldemort out of the way, along with a lot of his supporters things will hopefully calm down somewhat.

In terms of other questions who’s “Pet” who seems to have defected from the bad guys?

Pet, as of now, is still a mystery, but she’s rather easy to figure out when Harry is thinking about his girls, and there’s only a matter of who he didn’t mention, and who might be put in the same situation as Ginny.

He frowned. He would have to send a message to Hermione, though. He didn’t want to sound haughty, but he had a feeling that she would be missing him about now.
And Luna. Probably Susan and Daphne. And the Patils. Tonks. Andy. Cho. Marietta. Hannah. His Quidditch team. He supposed someone had told Fleur, Gabrielle, and Appolline he was missing. Lavender. Sue. Rosmerta. Pet. Bitch. Narcissa.

​She was a bad guy that learned the error of her ways.

Also who, if its not giving too much away, are the “Unspeakables?”  I’m guessing that the item being mentioned and that they have a charm on is the veil.

The Unspeakables are the guys that work in the Department of Mysteries. They allowed Madame Bones to confiscate the veil for more information, and to see if Harry and Sirius are really dead, not just taking their word for it. Keeping in mind, the rest of the ministry doesn’t even know about the veil, nor the public. Only the Unspeakables know about it, and aren’t too pleased with them borrowing the veil (knowing that Harry and Sirius should be dead and can’t be looking into further), just like Bones isn’t too pleased with them hiding a gateway. They will be explored later.

I’m wondering if the burning of the old theatre is less to do with Harry and possibly the results of Fleur’s attempt to cast a spell through the veil.  Which does suggest there is still some fixed focus point for the veil in Harley’s world.

The burning of the Monarch? All Fleur. Pissed off Veelas are nothing to mess with.

Still looking forward to finding out what his new friends think when they hear about Hermione’s research into Batman.  🙂

In terms of answers to some of you’re questions enjoying the story a lot.  Don’t mind a lack of sex when the plot is so well developed.  One point however in that since this is supposed to be ~1974 US was it I doubt if they used the term cyber-crime yet.  Although this could be put down to differences between their world and ours of course. 😉

Batman’s world is a strange place. Since WayneTech exists, then there is also technology. It’s just DC Logic. High definition, wireless TV cameras, the whole thing. Whenever the comic is released, they will reflect modern-day technology. It’s weird, and I might as well take advantage.

By multiple arcs do you mean Harry might be interacting with other universes or ‘just’ more adventures with Harley and Pam in the DC universe?

More adventures in Gotham. Maybe they’ll move around, but all future plans for now revolves in or immediately around Gotham. There may be more DC crossovers, but only the characters that I actually know. If anyone wants to send me an Omake featuring their favorite character and my version of Harry, Harley, Ivy, and others, they’re welcome to, and I might post it with the chapter. But for now, I’ll be reading up and researching on some characters and introduce them when I feel comfortable. I know a lot about Batman, but I could learn more about some characters, like Peyton Riley or someone like that.

Thanks for the review, and thanks for the inquiries. I may re-write scenes in the future to avoid any confusion, or at least do slight recaps, because this story is getting long, and I don’t expect every bit of information to retain. I regularly read my stories over to avoid plotholes and inconsistency, so it’s all still fresh in my mind, and I can’t expect that from everyone. Soon enough, it will get to a point where the reader would stop reading until it’s completed, and I’m going t try to find a way to avoid that. I’ll work on it.

Once again, thank you for reading (again!), and I hope you enjoy what I have planned next.



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