Itsy Bitsy Rant

So, I just recently posted the battle of  Harmony vs. Romione on FanFiction.Net, with more content that I was planning on releasing with chapter 3.

But I don’t really want there to be a chapter three, so the tale ends here.

For a few years now, I’ve been saying the exact same things over and over again. Harmony is good, and so good is Harmony. That will probably never change. And while some things I’ve said in Part II are a bit controversial, it is necessary to get my point across. Harry is not the greatest friend in the world. Sure, he’ll save your life, but he could care less about you and your problems and situations after that. And yet he expects you to care about everything he gets involved in.

J.K. Rowling is horrible in that aspect – the actual making of characters. They’re all so horrible in their own way, it’s not only disturbing, but disturbingly annoying. Sometimes, they redeem themselves, other times they fall short of all the sins they committed in the past (Ron, Snape, Malfoy, Dumbledore, Lupin, Percy, ) and I’m supposed to feel sorry for a character once their sob story is revealed. NO! Not good enough! You were a dick then, and you are a dick now, and it will take a LOT more to change that!

Only one character redeemed himself to me, and that was Dobby. Hated him throughout the second book, and he eventually redeemed himself.

When he sacrificed his life to save Harry.

But that’s my opinion. And it’s probably a very unpopular one. But it’s mine.

Granted, Dobby’s not as bad as some of the others I mentioned, and he actively tried to hospitalize Harry. But I guess Lupin does need clarification: abandoning his wife when she needed him, abandoning Harry when he was a baby, never actively trying to search for him, KNOWING he might have been sent to the Dursleys.

This is why I prefer Harry/Tonks as my third favorite couple.

So, in conclusion: There is an infestation of douchebags in the Harry Potter Series. Okay, I’m going back to writing now.

Took me about thirty minutes to put together. I’m quite proud of this one.
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