Harmony vs. Romione (Final Shots)

I never promised I wouldn’t do it, in my defense.


One what i am about to write you please don’t post.

i had no idea you where really going to write a second chapter to our story. Reading my words again, show me how bad my grammer was in my review. I should not fight with people since i won, it cannon they are together. Did you find it funny that a few of the review ship Harry with Hermonie, but then said they did not read the books, i just find that funny.


I find it funny that you drew off of only one comment, and ran with it. The books sucked in comparison to the movies, because that had more personal interaction.

By the way, you didn’t win. I actually answered your questions, every time you threw them at me. Keep your canon excuse, because J.K. already said it could have gone another way, just as easily. It quite literally could have been a coin flip.

If you continue to argue about this entire d a m n pairing thing, there WILL be a chapter three, I’m warning you. Accept your loss and bring in another subject to talk about, or there’s nothing else we can talk about. Bring in some more Romione friends, I don’t care. Trilogies are the best types of stories, anyway.

I know you believe that you won. I really know you believe that. In your position, I would too. It’s like a Christian vs. an Atheist. One side is completely wrong, the other is completely right. You just don’t know, and will never find out until this lifetime is over.

When J.K.’s publisher told her that he thought Harry and Hermione were going to get together, that’s not canon. When Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe AND Rupert Grint AND the Cast of Harry Potter AND the production crew admitted they wished it were Harry and Hermione that got together, because there was so much chemistry there, that’s not canon. When they put all of those Harmony scenes in the movies, approved by J.K. herself, that was not canon enough.

So, yeah, I guess you did win. Congrats. Now go run off to some other story that says ‘Ron!bashing’ in the summary, and ask why Ron is being bashed.


Those were the last comments. Both were written after the second chapter was posted on FanFiction.Net. I’m guessing he took my advice.

So if you learn anything from this experience… the story inspired by this argument, The List, is up now. Well, the first chapter of it. Just look around or something for more, or something.

So.. I feel fresh and energized. The whatweareafraidof era is over. Who’s next? Post your arguments below.

At your own risk.

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