Notes that I should’ve posted a long time ago.

Quoting the original request –

Here is a cool crossover idea summary- harry potter jump into the veil to save his godfather Sirius black but instead he ends up in another universe called 52 batman comics universe He meets Harley Quinn and ivy and they instantly fall for our green eyed teen

harry will mainly be paired with Harley Quinn with harem of poison ivy( he is immune to her toxic) and Harley Quinn there will be massive smut ( mostly with Harley and harry ) he will live his live with the girls there harry will be 16 in the story and he and Harley will have kids and be marries with no drama involved in the story he will also be having a very special but very destructive power ( He has win factor)No batman involved or in this story that is I please accept and respond on your profile

There is a lot of problems with that request, but it accidentally sparked so much more than it should have.

And here are the deviancies –

  • Ivy is just as involved. She claims Harry just as much as Harley.
  • Batman is in this story. And other villains.
  • I don’t know why Harry needs “win factor” when there is no drama. Oh, believe me, Harry will have win factor is this story, but he needs villains to showcase them against. So there will be villains, and drama.
  • Harry is fifteen. That’s just logic. He ran into the veil seeking Sirius during the battle at the DoM, and the reviewer didn’t specify at the time that Harry returns to the Veil on a later date to leisurely walk through, searching for his Godfather. So it’s too late to change that.
  • Though, when you calculate what Harry has done with Time Turners, he is technically older than his ‘given’ age. Something I wish they had mentioned in the books with Hermione. So maybe he is 16?
  • Not the New 52 Universe. Sorry, I’ve never read it. You may see elements of it subconsciously, but I’m pulling from the best of the previous Batman iterations into a universe of my own. Teen Harley and Pamela, in the 70’s, where Wayne ‘Tech’ exists, because the Batman Universe has always been weird about technology in their era. My main inspirations will be Rocksteady Arkham-verse, The Animated Series, and Gotham High (look it up).
  • Massive Smut? Well, I think you’re really going to like the next chapter, but I slow it down significantly after that. Chapters 2, a little of 3, 4, 6, and a little of 11 are what you’re looking for. I try not to disappoint with my smut scenes, so I work on them sparingly and cautiously.
  • I apologize in advance for the word “Godcock”.
  • I did respond in my profile, but they never got back to me. Shame. I would like to have thanked that person. Well, thank you, anyways.
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