I’m completely out of my element.

And to believe, I once called myself a geek. Times have surely changed. So if anyone can patiently tell me how much of an idiot I am and help me solve this riddle, that would be fantastic.

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2 thoughts on “I’m completely out of my element.”

  1. Has anyone helped you with this yet?

    If not, there is some more information needed:
    How is the website hosted? Is it a private server (this is the only website and/or you are the only user) or, more likely, is it a shared host with a commercial hosting company?

    Private servers can use machine-wide commands in the method given as examples the site code gave, but commercial shared servers require a different approach

    1. Oh. I wasn’t actually expecting a response. Thanks.

      I use ehost, through cPanel, and if you are familiar with ehost this would be pretty easy. Compared to other hosts I’ve used over the years, this gives me an astounding amount of freedom. I just don’t really know much about Apache. Though I have since read that my max memory will not go beyond 64MB, so that may be it… yeah, that’s probably it.

      Unless there’s a way to override it, I’ll just have to abandon the idea of a personal video service, and just host links to videos instead. Thank you for your help, though.

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