Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen!

Outside of writing, reading, or even the website, I’ve been working on a secret project – which I may integrate into rihaansfics.com, or make a new domain altogether. Unfortunately, my host (ehost) is migrating to a new master, so I can’t buy a domain at their mega-cheap prices. I love everything about this host, from the cPanel to the unlimited everything. This is a collaborative project with a friend, so this would be something different, but some practice with that could lead to a new project that would benefit the website.

With no small amount of trepidation, I give you – Tre and AJ; the podcast. THE TEST. Please don’t take it seriously, we will get better. If it sounded good to you, don’t be afraid to mention it in the comments below. Or on iTunes. Not a huge fan of iTunes… but I kinda need it to survive.

I’m Tre, by the way. Nice to meet you.

It’s been something we’ve been working on in the past few weeks, and I’ve had no time to do much else. The Archive is set to post stories up to two weeks in advance, 50 stories set to update at random times.

These bouts of transparency will get me into trouble, really, but you should know what my time has been filled up with.

Harry and Harley, Chapter 15, is being a stubborn sunovabitch. But the chapter will be covering the aftermath of the Knightfall initiative (the successful capture of Batman) the rescue of Riddler, the future goals of Catwoman, the goals of Raven after her supposed freedom, the prison riot continues, and the tribulations of the Black Robin.

This – should be – a hell of a chapter.

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