So, that happened.

November 15-27, 2017 were some very dark days.

I was pissed about it, of course. Maddeningly so. But I need to move on.

However, the writer part of me wants to archive it, and catalogue the incident for future reference.

This website was down for a total of thirteen days. In those thirteen days, since I didn’t have access to this blog, I used my other blog, I will link directly to the post here, but in case Patreon ever goes away (God, I hope not), I will quote it here:

It has not been a good week for me.

So, recap: eHost, my chosen webhost, is migrating to a new provider. Don’t know when they plan to migrate my account, since they said they were doing it since the Summer.

Okay, but life goes on, and I need this domain for a little project. However, you can’t buy another domain until the migration is complete. So, I buy the domain elsewhere and link it.

Holy shit, did I fuck up.

Well, clarification here. I didn’t, so much as the site did. I knew what I was doing, the process involved, but the host just didn’t respond in the way that it was supposed to. It was beyond the help of the immediate response team, so I’m teleported back to the days of a “support ticket” and a “queue”. It’s really weird.

I’m perfect, machines are not. Lesson learned.

So, on November 15, at around 19:20, went offline, and has been for longer than it has in ten years, when the site was first created.

TL;DR – Not my fault.

A richer man would have a backup. I have about 10 fanfic accounts, so that counts for something.

Sorry for the downtime of the archive, and… everything, but NOTHING was deleted. So I’m not starting from scratch. When it goes back online, it’ll be like it never left. It should all be back up by Thanksgiving, but… well, I haven’t heard anything, so it might take a while.

I mean, it is possible to drop all of these files somewhere temporarily, but I’m not too worried. Just gives me more time to plan out my Holiday decorations!

Update (11-22-2017):

So… around Christmas, then? I feel… empty. cold.

Thank goodness it didn’t last that long. But it felt like an eternity.

This was posted in an update on the patreon blog, but I’ll just put it here:

There are very few things in the world I really, truly care about: My mom. My dog. My fanfictions. My readers. My website. I’ve had my website for almost ten years, and I’ve been writing for almost eleven. It’s like watching your baby get taken away by The Man. It’s like a job for me. At some point, I’ve been working on it every single day for 2/5ths of my entire life. So, yeah, I may have over reacted a little bit. I was hamming it up for entertainment purposes (because who really wants to hear about DNS problems from a fanfic writer), but I was very stressed out to know that every day, someone new assumed that much like a lot of fanfiction sites over the years, it has been deprecated and forgotten.

That won’t happen. Not now, Not ever., God-willing, will exist for a long time. There may be a time when I get the domain transferred to a new host, and there will be downtime then, but I will give plenty of warning beforehand, and I will have a redirect link to a cloned website.

Unless there is no possible way that I can get to it again. In that case, expect a tragedy to have happened, and I probably think about that scenario more likely than I should. Having a 72-year old mother with Dementia and a myriad of sicknesses that make it very difficult to find work, it’s always a looming possibility. So… let’s hope the site stays up.

That’s an awkward way to end this.

So let me tell you another project I’ve been working on – Tre and AJ: The Podcast. I love the myriad of information that comes with that title: My name is Podcast Tre, and I started an AJ a Podcast with my best friend, Tre AJ. He currently lives in North Carolina, and I live in Georgia, so this essentially a Miracle Project that has been stopping and restarting for a while now, but it’s a tentative promise that we’ve got it down pat this time.  This should be a lot of fun, or fast-track our decade-long friendship into the ground.

So far, we’ve given our opinions on the Steven Universe episodes that came out on November 10 (exclusively on the Cartoon Network App and, splitting the review into three episodes. Decent enough for a first attempt, I think. I’ve heard worse. I’ll post the notes/thoughts in the series as a whole here.

So on another note, I think I’m going deaf. Wanna know more? Then tune into the next episode of Tre and AJ: The Podcast. Hope you give it a chance.

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