I hate Draco Malfoy

When I speak/type very passionately about something, I do it because I care. There are not very many things in this world that I care about, but the biggest section of the FanFiction World of Harry Potter is one of them.

No, not Drarry.

My opinions on Draco? I don’t see the appeal. He wants animals put down, he gets bitch-slapped by girls, He kicks main characters in the face, he’s too much of a (expletive: be creative) to do things on his own, he’s a spoiled, arrogant brat who loves to get his own way. How does he get a major fanbase? Why isn’t he dead? It’s that goddamn fanbase, it has to be the only reason J.K. didn’t kill him off. I’m not a girl, nor am I gay, so I guess I will never see the attraction without quite a few drinks in me. Granted, I should be pleased that the girls didn’t just move on to Edward or Jacob to swoon over. I’ll never understand the bad boy and good girl scenarios, but I can plainly say that I don’t like it. Bad girls disgust me. I’m not talking about gothic or rebellious or anything like that. I mean girls who get in trouble with the law, girls who think they’re entitled to higher standards than the rest, girls who look down upon us mere mortals with disdain. Draco is that girl.

Back to main topic; I was clearly talking about Harry/Hermione, or Harmony, which is, quite clearly, the best name for a pairing in fanon history. Seriously. Drarry? Romione? HINNY?! Is that supposed to make me think their kids are horse-faced? Well, I’d believe it if it were Albus. I can tell he has a bit of Petunia in him.

I’ve explained why Harry and Hermione is the best. Many, many times before. And I will continue to do so in the future, on here as well. If you want to see me argue with an ignorant Ron/Hermione fan, then let me redirect you here, when you have the time.

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