Aside: More on Snape

I just needed to say this – If I’m in love with a girl, and she was a different race, then I would NEVER call her an offensive term relating to her race. I know what you are thinking. “It was when that word was acceptable in society, when bigots ruled. We can’t fully blame him for that.” What. The. (expletive). Ever. Putting his entire life in perspective, I almost felt sorry for the guy. His early life was just a sad jumble of events that almost made me want to ship Severus/Lily. The moment that he called her a mudblood, I lost any semblance of respect for him. I never liked the guy, and I never will like the guy. By the way, if the love of your life hates Voldemort…don’t follow Voldemort.

Just some advice on love and life.

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