Okay, what the hell with all the Ron and Ginny-bashing?

I’ll be honest here, and I’ve never admitted this before – I could easily picture myself writing a Harry/Ginny story. Before she goes all slut!Ginny on us, and after we are told that Ginny thinks of Harry as a normal dude (Hermione said it, but I don’t believe her), so Fourth year, or late third year is the optimum striking time. I’ve read exactly one Harry/Ginny in the past 7 years, a story I discovered and read just a few days before writing this, Aspirations by megamatt09. It brings a lot of valid points of why Hermione can be seen as a bashable character. I’m also pointing out that this is the only Hermione-bashing story that I have ever read, and while it is over-the-top extreme, I almost thoroughly enjoyed this story. Of course, Ron is the most-bashed in the story, minus Draco and Snape.

And that leads me to Ron. I’ve talked before about this little shit of a character, and I suppose I’ll talk about him now, yet again.

He’s the comic relief. That much is glaringly obvious. Personally, I’d rather let Luna replace Ron, which I plan on doing in one of my stories. He’s a character with so many flaws that I just can’t list them all.

But I’ll try.

Quidditch obsessed. Incredibly Hungry. Atrocious table manners. Supreme Chess skills, but not exactly humble about it. Constantly drags Harry down to his level (No matter how much Harry was a willing participant he was in the goddamn rubber haddock fights in the back of class, he did have another friend to listen to, and that’s just sad). Complains about his lack of spending funds. Complains about his brothers. Complains about Hermione’s knowledge.

Complains about fucking everything.

I don’t like him. I never will. Not only can I not stand to read Ron/Hermione stories anymore, but now I just can’t stand Ron/Luna stories anymore. Sure, I’ll enjoy a Ron/Slut!Lavender every once in a while (which, really, is just Lavender), but soon enough, I fear that there will be a time that I could only enjoy the Ron/Death pairing. That’s a good pairing, you have to admit.

He’s a git. And I wish him death. Kay?

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