How I Met Your Mother Finale – Why the Hate?

I don’t get the hate, and I don’t care. It was telegraphed from the very beginning what the outcome of this story is going to be. Everyone walks away happy, was that the problem? You know what? Still don’t care. Beautiful Ending to the greatest, most romantic sitcom of all time.

Spoiler Alert.

It was almost a running gag, how Ted fell so hard for Robin. It was a beautiful love story, done excellently.

We never saw much of the mother, and that was for good reason at the very end. Ted, at the end, still loved Robin. There was absolutely no reason to begin the story with how Ted met their Aunt Robin, and the ending justified the entire series. It was the trials and tribulations of Ted Mosby, and how he desperately tried to win over Robin Scherbatsky.

It is truly a story that wrapped itself around, leading to the everlasting cliche of ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ and it was very well-implemented in this story.

I applaud the co-creators of this wonderful story, and I hope to see more wonderful ideas that may even surpass HIMYM with the tale, How I Met Your Dad.

(By the way, Ted is a very proper guy. He’s a teacher and he specializes in crossword puzzles and calligraphy. So stop bitching about the name of the show. It shouldn’t be ‘How I Met Your Father‘. The narrator is probably a bit more normal, and less anal retentive about speech. This girl seems to be more laid-back. And that, so far, is the biggest selling-point for me.

And that, kids, is how I was hated by all Ted/Victoria fans. I regret nothing.

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