FROZEN – I just can’t Let it Go.

So, I was watching this movie, yet again, through the 3D Blu-ray Disc that I was forced to buy from the UK version of Amazon (Link Here – translates to about 30 USD, it translates as you check out) and I couldn’t help but notice that this is the best Disney Movie I’ve ever seen, and the movie I’ve enjoyed the most.

My favorite movie was once Lion King. A long time ago. Meaning, the day before I saw Frozen.

This movie is the first I’ve ever bought a Blu-ray copy of, never mind a 3D Blu-ray. And I suppose that’s the reason why I had to ‘travel’ to UK to get my copy – there’s just not enough demand for 3D content. You can see me complain on the forums somewhere on the American, and there was a vocal reaction to the unavailability of this movie in 3D, but it wasn’t by any means numerous. And that’s what matters in the end.

Highest Grossing Animated Film of all time, and highest selling digital release of all time – not enough demand, I guess. Whatever. I got my copy, and I’m loving my movie, and the ‘Get a Horse’ Short.

By the way – 1080p makes a huge difference. I’ve never noticed until now. I have the digital download from Playstation Store (Video Unlimited Streaming Service) in 720p, and seeing the vast difference is just staggering. I think, one day, when I have enough to give up my life-savings, I might just believe in that whole 4K gimmick.

Yes. I said it. 4K is a gimmick. Just like 3D. I prefer 3D. Wouldn’t argue against having both in one screen.

Just an idea for Christmas.

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