Harmony vs Romione – Epilogue

Hopefully, I know how to write an epilogue well.

J.K. Rowling admits that Hermione should have married Harry instead of Ron – I never really said anything about this, but I have a few minutes before class, and I remembered this while reading a fanfiction on my Kindle.

So, here’s the thing. It meant a huge thing to me when I first read this article. My friend, knowing my fascination, alerted me through a text, and I thought that it was a straight-up joke, and he was making things up, or took something out of context, until I googled it. I admit, it made me a bit happy. I know I did nothing – and I mean absolutely nothing – to evoke, or even perceive this kind of reaction. I’m a huge Harry Potter Fan – as you probably know by now – and so, like many other Harmony writers and readers, I was pleased with the news.

And then I moved on.

I’m going to be honest here – It would have made more sense for Harry and Hermione to be together. I’ve been saying that for a long time, and so has everyone else that has common sense.

I have to tell you though, I knew that Harry and Ginny would end up together – at least, in J.K. Rowling’s eyes. In the second book, There was a small comment when he saw Ginny for the first time, where Harry saw a trick of the light, and around the time she sticks her elbow in a butterdish in adoration for her childhood hero, her red hair glowed in reflection from the sun.

It was a little thing, and I knew what J.K. had in store from that moment on. It was simply reinforced when he became her almost literal knight in shining armor at the end of the book. I have to admit, she does a lot of foreshadowing.

And here’s the problem – I don’t have much of a problem with the idea of Harry and Ginny being together. Back when I was live-reading the books, as they were being released, I was encouraging it.

I have a problem with knowing nothing about her.

It should not have been the Golden Trio. I know it’s a trope for writing, and it’s a classic buddy group to write adventures about. Adding Ginny to the group would have taken away the surprise of the future relationship, another would argue. Because Hermione and Ron certainly hadn’t telegraphed it (They scream at each other like an old married couple! See how she cries when he puts her down? That’s true love!) It is very arguable that it should have been the Golden Quartet.

Ginny is in the list of minor major characters throughout the series – Secondary characters that we’re supposed to care about through backstories. They have nothing to do with the plot much, and if they weren’t added, absolutely nothing would change. But, in case you don’t really care much for what’s going in the main character’s lives for a second, you can find yourself wondering what ‘the others’ are doing. Examples include: Neville Longbottom, Fleur Delacour, Stan Shunpike, Rubeus Hagrid, Nymphadora Tonks, Winky the House Elf, etc.

Luna Lovegood actually mattered in the story. She’s a stroke of genius character created by J.K., that really made the fifth and sixth books more interesting and exciting. You care about Luna Lovegood – genuinely – or at least you’re meant to. She is the ‘Olaf’ of Harry Potter.

Luna Lovegood meant so much more in the fifth book than Ginny did.

Ginny recommended ‘Dumbledore’s Army’. Ginny dated Michael Corner. Ginny reminded Harry that she was also possessed by Voldemort, and that there are apparently no other types of possessions. It wasn’t a possession in the end, but still – there are other types of possessions. Ginny was part of the ‘Ministry Six’.

Luna introduced Harry to Thestrals, which later played an integral part in the climax of the story. Luna expressed to Harry that she has a childhood similar to Harry and (assumably) Hermione, wherein she was bullied for being ‘different’. Luna lost her mother, and that has driven her father insane and lonesome, and she was given a rather active imagination as a result. Harry becomes overprotective of Luna, and vows to make sure her next year at Hogwarts is easy – at the same time, she successfully distracts him from his own funk, making him a more bearable person with his godfather’s death. Luna is part of the Ministry Six.

I kind of like Harry/Luna. Even if there probably should have been a more established brother/sister relationship, I looked forward to their conversations.

Who was actually looking forward to Harry and Ginny’s conversations? J.K. was milking it, that’s for sure – they rarely fucking talked.

Is that supposed to be a good thing? To have them in a conversation as rarely as possible, so the reader could be excited for the interaction?

I thought we could all at least agree that Harry should not have been with Ginny in the end. All I know is – the main guy is supposed to be with the main girl in the series. Kim Possible, That’s So Raven, How I Met Your Mother… the formula is always there.

There didn’t have to be romance at all. But if you had to, give it to the two people that meant the most to the reader. Don’t let the two sidekicks get together and give the titular character the afterthought.

Once again, and this is my biggest problem; would anyone have complained if Ginny officially became part of Harry’s small circle of friends after the Chamber of Secrets? Where the fuck was she in the third book? Does anyone remember a single thing she did? Did anyone fall in love with that character that much in the fifth book, that J.K. just had to push her into the spotlight?

I’m not going to lie. I’d rather Harry got together with Neville in the end. He’s a nice enough guy. You know how I know that? Because I know about him. He has developed fansites because people care about him. You could call Neville a part of Harry’s unofficial team – his social awkwardness keeps them from interacting a lot.

I know more about Neville than any other minor character, and I’m not even that big of a fan of Neville. But it was either him or Filch or Dobby or Colin Creevey. And I literally put them in the order of who I hate, from least to worst.

Still… in the end, I’m glad she fucked up; so us fanfiction writers can right wrongs, and the Harry/Ginny fans would be too pleased to add anything to fandom.

Still, and I’ve stated this before – If J.K. rewrites the story to a better build on Harry/Hermione, and actually goes through with it, putting it into the upcoming Harry Potter plays, I would go see it. The majority of Harry Potter fans couldn’t care one way or the other about relationships, and Harmony has the biggest following in the fandom, so why not?

Still… just my two sickles.

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