BBP Chapter 3 Notes

The third chapter of the Benson Burner Project, HERE, is inspired by Jennette McCurdy’s song, Generation Love. She has some amazing music.

Now, onto why I’m posting this; this is something I should start regularly doing. While I don’t know any reader who takes the time to read the author’s notes, for those who ask questions in the reviews (especially the anonymous reviewers), I will be posting this here from now on. All of these notes simply clutters up the chapter in my story, and soon enough, when I move all of the author’s notes, it will be another reason why it’s best to read my fanfics at 😀

(1) Seriously. It’s fascinating how easy and carefree it is to travel by plane to different areas in these shows. Whether it’s Sam calling Melanie to come back just to prank her roommate (#Twinfection), or the iCarly team traveling just to get revenge on Carly’s ex, Steven (iParty with VicTORIous), they do it with nary a thought. Still, I’m keeping the tradition alive, but they still think that it’s a crazy idea.

(2) Though I’ve had the opportunity to, I’ve never actually written a full song. I own a CASIO keyboard, and I never use it. It’s plugged in, on the stand and everything. Maybe I’ll put a melody with it later. My forte is singing and composing more than songwriting. I will not release a falsetto audio track, however :-p

(3) There won’t be any chapters based off of any single episodes, unless it’s an important moment to the chronology of the series. Moments that are bound to happen, different characters or not, will probably happen. That includes the rest of the Schneider-verse shows that I will repeated reference. I probably won’t put this in the crossover section with Victorious, however. Simply because less people will find this story if it’s in the crossover section.

(4) I don’t think I want to put the age up, anymore. 12 year-olds don’t talk like this, nor did I intend for them to. First chapter would have been beyond creepy if they sounded twelve. I didn’t want you to visualize twelve year-olds when you read it, anyway. Purely from the timeline in this story, they are twelve. In your heads, they are whatever age you want them to be.

So, Jade is a very huge presence in Freddie’s life, and that was in the plans from the beginning. At the ending of the second chapter, I hinted towards that. But I bet nobody suspected how deep that went. I’m sure there were people that thought that it was a tack-on to an end of the chapter, just me adding a hot character from a different show to be one of Freddie’s girls. But she was always supposed to be Freddie’s main girl. Sorry to all the Seddie fans, but there will be plenty more moments for you guys. I’ll always have a soft spot for Sam.

Behind the scenes, I was originally intending the person that would change Freddie’s life forever, for the entire story to change direction to happen, would be his father. At one point, I was deciding whether or not he lived with his mother, and not be bogged down by that. But, if it was Jade who influenced him, that would lead to a lot more story ideas, and would definitely make it more fun. So, yes, the dad is non-existent in the story. There are other facets in Freddie and Jade’s past lives that haven’t been revealed yet, but if you liked chapter 3, then I’m sure you will like what comes next.

Something I always try to do in my story, is foreshadowing. It’s just something I appreciate in any story – a hint of what could be coming, and eventually, will. It’s also a great reference point when accused of adding something that wasn’t originally intended for the story, like, for instance, the deep relationship between Freddie and Jade. The basis of the entire story is the story of iCarly done if Freddie grew a set. How did he grow a set? One reference he made – boy scouts. That will come into play later. You know Marissa wouldn’t have let her baby boy join the boy scouts without a legit reason, right? Also referenced, it was stated that he was never separated from Jade for more than a few days. That will be acknowledged as well. Those are the few that I can think of at the top of my head, but there are plenty more.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what I have planned for the next chapter: Sex scenes, Sam’s internal conflict comes to an end, and Jade’s immediate reaction to Freddie’s strange tale.

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