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Published January 5, 2015
Updated On February 12, 2018 as of the release of the 15th Chapter, End of Day Three

This chapter is the culmination of a lot of things, and I just wanted to go through the list. There have been a lot of moments I’m proud of writing this story, but this particular chapter, in my opinion, might have the most memorable scenes. So far, at least.

For instance, it is the first time Ivy gets to truly show off her powers. You saw a tease of it in chapter five, when she, Harley and Harry surfaced as a team and when they first met Gordon (That chapter, incidentally, was another turning point in the story, although way more obvious, considering it was the first chapter they left the house). While I haven’t mentioned Ivy’s vines as much as I would like to in the story, they are mostly ever-present and over-looming in their nature. Ivy’s control over her babies isn’t complete, as she has only had the power for three years, but she is hungry, and energetic at it. Much like Harry in canon; more raw power than control. So using the earth to launch herself into the air, using that same earth to launch the officers on her side to the officers on their side, and to finish it off with an instant, monstrous shrubbery of thorns and writhing tree trunk-sized vines, may not be as much of a stretch.

Also, this is the first time that Harley gets to use her Bazooka. And she gets to flip them off while she does it! As stated before, her favorite color is red, so she painted the bazooka that color. Adding green is something she would do when it’s approaching Christmas. And maybe some blue. She’s allowed to like blue, even though green has replaced it in every aspect when it comes to my envisioning of the character Harley Quinn (In canon, with Joker, she was Red/Blue-haired. In my story, with Ivy, she is Red/Green. Ironically enough, they are closer to Joker’s colors, but I like red. Though she’d look just as good in a blue/green ensemble. Or any color you could put on the girl.)

Still, she flipped the officers off as she one-handedly(!) shot a bazooka at them four times in a row (with some help from Harry’s magic that quote, “worked like a charm!”). If that’s not badass enough for a debut of her long-range weapon of choice, I quit.

The first mention of an actual villain for The trio to go up against – Roman Sionis, A.K.A. The Black Mask. He will be the main antagonist for a few. He will grow to hate Harry, Ivy, and Harley just as much, if not more than, The Batman, but only if he continues to pursue them. I’ve always liked The Black Mask’s character, and if anyone is familiar with Arkham Origins, the damn good videogame, then I plan on righting some wrongs when it comes to his character. I plan on delivering just how badass he can be.

This is a big one for me – the first ever appearance of Albus Dumbledore – anywhere, in any of my stories, talking one-on-one-with Harry. Obviously, I didn’t plan it that way, but this is a landmark for me. In the sixth chapter of The Yule Ball Remake, he was briefly talking to my OC, Rihaan. He also talked to the same character, though much more dramatized and fleshed out character of Rihaan in ‘Rihaan and the HP universe.’ Never has he conversed directly with Harry in any of my stories. I expect you will see him much more in this series. I am a very big supporter of MOB (Manipulative Old Bastard) Dumbledore, and I look forward to seeing my version of him come to fruition.

Character names you may have missed so far that are actually characters in the series –

Harvey Bullock – for me, the number one face I remember in Batman: the Animated Series. Always seen with that damned donut in his hand and an appetite for corruption, much like Batman’s appetite for Justice. He is rarely seen in remakes anymore, but he made a brief appearance in Arkham Origins (even the original voice actor reprised his role), and I fell for him all over again. He is given a much more significant role in the TV Series Gotham as Gordon’s seasoned partner (replacing Flass), rather than his underling. (That series takes a lot of fucking liberties. You could almost say that’s it’s a fanfiction, with all the elements of taking what was in the original material, making speculations and half-assed theories, and releasing it for the sole intention of making money on a product that’s not yours. And yet they get permission. Why can’t I? Warner Bros., get back to me. You happen to own both properties.)

Howard Branden – Leader of the S.W.A.T., or you may remember him as the one that got smacked in the face by Harley’s mallet (Ch. 5). He is, straight simply, an unbelievably corrupt asshole. Even in Arkham Origins, at his desk, you can plainly see that he has a live feed to the women’s locker room (which does not exist in my universe, simply because what the fuck. Logical response is the women in the GCPD are smarter than that, and know how corrupt some of the police are.) While he was not involved in the vine pit of chapter 10, he has a special punishment awaiting him, much like Bullock.

Arnold Flass, part of Harvey Bullock’s team at the ‘Scene of the Warlock’, was a former partner of Gordon. When James was a new detective, his supreme helpfulness and goodness pissed off the corrupt department to no end. He and a few others set a trap for him and beat him up. Gordon retaliated on another night, one-on-one, with a baseball bat. The two haven’t really seen eye-to-eye since.

DeCarlo, one of Harvey’s team, is Roger DeCarlo, another corrupt cop. In canon, he was murdered by Pamela after he killed an orphan and tried to cover it up. Charitable Ivy is the best Ivy.

Anna Ramirez (you may recognize her from the Dark Knight), was, in my story, the officer that showed little Harleen Quinzel around the facility of Blackgate Prison more than a year before she met Harry, giving her the tour of the deranged and insane. Keeping in mind that Arkham Asylum has been shut down for decades, Anna purposely did not take her to the Arkham Wing of Blackgate – where she would have found the most dangerous of criminals. Luckily enough, and unluckily for the people of Gotham, one of them broke out that very hour, and her green eyes laid on then-innocent Harleen for the first time. The rest is history.

Sarah Essen, a name heard in several chapters (5, 6, and 10), should be a name everyone knows – Gordon’s second wife – eventually. Around this time, Gordon is getting closer to Sergeant Essen while he is still married, leading to an affair, that eventually caused the split between him and Barbara (also, his wife and daughter are the same name. Is that common? What is the female equivalent of ‘Junior’?). Will that happen this time around? Or is the Warlock already causing a rift? We’ll see.

Barbara Gordon, Jr. – James Gordon’s daughter, and strangely enough, shares the same name as her mother. At fifteen years old, her eidetic memory (sound familiar?) makes her a prodigy, and she proves sufficiently that with her insane computer skills. Future Batgirl and eventually Oracle in Canon. In this story? You’ll see a lot more of her, that’s for sure.

Jack Grogan – The potty-mouthed Irishman that Harley affectionately calls ‘Captain Jack,’ the most obviously subtle Pirates of the Caribbean joke I could ever make. In canon, he was the commissioner before Gordon, but after Loeb, and almost as corrupt as Loeb. In this, he is a Captain. He is currently in the vine-pit, and the main recipient of Harley’s middle finger salute.

Loeb, Gillian B. – Current commissioner. Corrupt like hell. Works with Black Mask (blatantly telling his officers to not investigate a certain area at a certain time), and is very talented at looking the other way (when it comes to Maroni and Falcone), if you could call that a talent. He named Batman Public Enemy Number 1, and is the default corrupt leader who wants the bat shot out of the sky. He is the puzzle piece to where we are exactly in the story – Batman – Year 3.

Not a lot of female corrupt cops in the Batman Lore. I should probably change that. Equal Opportunity Asshole Privileges, right?

Also, for the sake of no confusion, Jerry White, the cameraman of Vicki Vale (chapter 9), also happens to be the son of Perry White, the owner of the Daily Planet in Metropolis. Original Character or at least drastically altered. Might be explored later.

Lot of characters so far. Please tell me if there’s someone else in the story you didn’t recognize, or if there’s some clarification you need on a specific person.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • The character referred to as ‘Bitch’ in chapters 3 and 4 is indeed Ginny Weasley.
  • The character referred to as ‘Pet’ in chapters 3 and 4 has not yet been revealed, but won’t take much longer for it to be figured out.
  • The Monarch was burned down in Chapter 10, but Chapter 9 should make it pretty obvious who did it. (“No Time Like the Present.”)
  • I haven’t yet read a story that has done something interesting to the Voldemort!Baby in Harry’s Limbo in the final book, and I hope I put an interesting twist to it (chapter 10). Completely ignoring and neglecting Tom Riddle is how Voldemort came to be in the first place, yeah?
  • For the entirety of this particular Arc, they will be staying in Gotham. At the end of this arc, a few storylines and side-stories end, and a new adventure begins for the core trio. At least, that’s how I envision it. The next arc may also have them in Gotham, but more elements of DC may be introduced. Keeping in mind that this is the DC origin story, in the beginning where superheroes are not yet the pillars of society. So when the changes come, think of them as ripple effects.

The flashback scenes with Harry and Hermione have been well-received, and may have a chapter dedicated to it sometime soon, if not its own prequel series.

Members of the trio’s house, which will probably one day have a base name (The Garden?) The Greenhouse, considering the upcoming renovation:


  1. Pamela Isley, 19 (Poison Ivy) – Link
  2. Harleen Quinzel, 15 (Harley Quinn)
  3. Harry Potter, 15 (The Warlock)
  4. Selina Kyle, 22 (Catwoman, formerly Cat Burglar) – Link
  5. Edward Nygma, 31 (The Riddler) – Link
  6. Vicki Vale, 27 – Link
  7. Jonathan Crane, 37 (Scare Crow) – Link
  8. Juliet – Sumatran Tiger, Red Eyed, most attached to Harley, youngest of the wildcat family and assumed leader. (All are around same age) – Link
  9. Bubbles – African Lion, Blue eyed, most attached to Ivy, friendliest of the wildcats. – Link
  10. Twilight – Snow Leopard, Gray eyed, most attached to Harry, most dangerous of the wildcats. – Link
    Special Note – Seriously, I am unnaturally proud of the wildcats and their references. C’mon, tell me what it means!
  11. Sasha – Selina’s favorite cat, a Brown Spotted Tabby. Yellow-eyed, like her owner. Strangely enough, the only cat in the house with a criminal record. – Link
  12. Vines – because Ivy would kill me if I didn’t mention her babies. They are ever-sentient around the house, shrouding it in darkness at night and helping with household chores during the day. Very helpful, and very vicious when need be.

You know, looking at it written down like this, I accomplished a lot for a story that has only been 48 hours – speaking of which, let’s look at the timeline:

  • Harry abruptly and unexpectedly arrives 1:46 AMJune 19th, 1974. During which, Harley Quinn decides to hide from the cops by running into a dark alley between the mall and a movie theatre. Some would call it ‘Fate.’
  • It’s around 3:30 AM when Harry begins riding the Harley (her words, not mine) (Ch. 2), and about 11 AM when they all (including Poison Ivy) wake up in the kitchen, on the mattress (Ch. 3). The emotional shower scene (same chapter) is at 12:40 AM.
  • Harry explains his life story to the girls at 1:30 PM, as they all sit together in Ivy’s greenhouse garden.
  • At around 3 PM, Harry contacts Luna (Ch. 4) with the broken shard of mirror he had found while curiously following Harley the previous night. The three take a short nap after Harry successfully seduces Ivy, and when they’re getting dressed to take Harry out into the city (Ch. 5), it’s about 10 PM.
  • The Warlock is formally introduced to Gotham at midnight, June 20th. It only took three minutes to make such an impression.
  • They return home, and by the time they speak to Hermione and Luna, it’s 12:20 AM.
  • After the long conversation, Harry, Ivy and Harley finally have a full meal (Ch. 6) at 1:30 AM, and that leads to the fourth smut scene of this saga, in which Pamela and Harry finally give in to each other.
  • Harley and Harry talk about his antics back at home while Ivy is still sleeping (Ch. 7) at 9 to 10:30 AM. It was a lengthy talk, followed by a healthy round of non-descriptive morning sex that leads to the shower. Something that Selina will point out later.
  • At 11, they put on their disguises and leave the house to the scene where it all began, the Monarch Theatre, or more specifically, the invisible arch in front. They talk to Tonks (who, for the very first time, is seen speaking in one of my stories, which shames me greatly) through the mirror at 11:30.
  • In Chapter 7, they watch a movie at 2 PM, featuring, as Harleen put it, ‘Carl something’ (yes, it’s a reference to someone in the Batman lore.). The three go back home and play a quick round of 20Q at 3 PM. Catwoman introduces herself in a grand fashion, and the two pop away to her shack at 3:20 PM after negotiating her moving in. There, Harry is introduced to Harley’s pets (Juliet, Bubbles, and Twilight), and Harry introduces them to his animagus form (Midnight).
  • The rest of the afternoon is a series of planning the next step in Gotham, reacquainting with Harley’s cats, and discussing Selina’s room fee, and by the time they track down Nygma (Ch. 9), it is 6:00 PM.
  • Vicki Vale is contacted and propositioned at 7, an hour later. After delivering a career-defining report on behalf of the Femme Fatale and Warlock, she leaves the scene with Harry at 7:20, and the three villainesses arrive swiftly after that to plant the mural of Poison Ivy in the middle of the intersection. Thirty-Seven Officers are trapped inside (Captain Jack Grogan. Arnold Flass, Roger DeCarlo were the only ones worth mentioning.) Harvey Bullock was kidnapped via Portkey, and strangely returned to the scene with a minor headache. Shenanigans!
  • Which brings me to Chapter 10. Harry is introduced to the Black Mask and meets Batman face-to-face at 7:22 after being asked by Riddler to retrieve some things at his warehouse, and is back by 7:29. Ivy and Harley hit the cops with the bazooka and vine pit, and they are back (assisted by portkey) by 7:30. They discuss the plans of their partnership and the renovation of their house from 8 to 10 PM, and the trio goes to their room to celebrate their official partnership and metaphorical bonding (to be continued in Ch. 11).
  • Chapter 11 is set on June 21, 1987, and continues through to Chapter 15. After some brief squabbling, They set their plan to retrieve Scare Crow in action (SPOILERS):
    • Harry disguises himself as Harley in full jester regalia while Harley is disguised as a broken man named Dudley Vernon, posing as the Warlock. While ‘Harley’ is destroying the bronze statue of Cyrus Pinkney, ‘Dudley’ willingly gets captured (by adding powder to the mural) and slowly draws out that he’s The Warlock. The time ranges from 12:30 – 1:50 PM. The ensuing chaos brings a traffic jam.
    • When the polyjuice runs out at 1:30, Harley turns back to normal and gets to the control room, with a returning Harry.
    • Which leads me to Chapter 13: While in the control room, they meet Calendar Man, who reveals that they didn’t free him – someone else did. They also meet Zatanna and Raven at around 2:40.
    • Eventually, through a series of events, Harry gets to speak to Raven, through some cajoling and a nice little twist, gives him the Batman in return for Zatanna’s safe return (Chapter 14) at around 5:35.
    • In Chapter 15, they are exposed to the Black Robin, a unknown in a dark hoodie, and that’s all they know about this character.
    • They end the day at 7PM, discussing the fate of the Batman and deciding that they need to lay low for a while.

Speaking of bonds, these are the events of the alternate, but not concurrent storyline. This is a series of flashbacks explaining Harry’s upbringing in his own world, that made him the vastly different young man that he is today. There’s been a hell of a reaction to this version of my story, and I’m proud of what it’s become. This story has become The Pre-Veil Saga.

  • In the summer of 1987, during the infamous game of Harry Hunting, found himself on a roof at age six (Ch. 4, through dialogue). But he stumbled so much in surprise, he fell off the roof almost immediately. And the miracle of appearing on the roof happened twice. Interesting. So that wasn’t some accident or hallucination? Was that an actual… power?
  • The rest of the day was spent on that roof, and by nighttime, he popped himself to the ground floor. And Harry partially understood what he could do if he could will things to happen. If he wanted it, he could make it so. Suffice to say, he considered himself a released prisoner. And, rather than returning to his cupboard at Number 4, Privet Drive, Harry walked the opposite way, and didn’t look back.
  • Harry first met Hermione at her local library in the beginning of Ch. 6, October 2, 1989, and they had a rocky start. Harry inadvertently met her again more than a month later, November 15, only this time, they start becoming the friends they were meant to be.
  • Between that date and September 1, 1991, they not only met with each other nearly every day, he had been practicing mind magic, and several weeks before Hermione turned eleven, on August 28th, she got her acceptance letter from Hogwarts, and ultimately made the decision to tell her best friend about it, legalities be damned. That same day, Harry had dug deep enough in his mind to find out who his parents were, and where his strange powers truly came from.
    After that day, he never kept secrets from Hermione again.
  • For academic reasons, and because she wanted Harry as a classmate, she stayed in muggle school for another year to finish her studies. (I know the real reason, but it never sat well with me. I have a late birthday, and I was sent to school earlier, rather than later. If it was choice-based, we all know what Hermione would have chosen. In fact, she may have very well had a case to start her studies a month into the school year and catch up.)
  • During which, Harry discovered the truth about his past, and with Hermione’s help, rescued Sirius from Azkaban, found Potter Manor, and learned countless spells together.
  • The two shared a compartment with Susan Bones, Cho Chang, Daphne Greengrass, Tracey Davis and the Patil Twins on the Hogwarts Express. Since there are only five allowed to a boat, Susan, Cho and Daphne were the first to see Harry take off his disguise and reveal himself as Harry Potter, not wanting to be recognized on the train. There is a large loophole in this story, however, that I would love someone to point out for me. No one has yet. I will be answering that in the future.
  • Between then and Halloween, Harry becomes part of the Quidditch Team (Ch. 7), celebrated Hermione’s birthday, made another friend in the form of Lavender Brown, cashed in on Severus’s life debt to James Potter (made worse by the fact that Severus directly led to the Potters’ deaths) for indentured servitude and unquestioning loyalty, and arranged for the capture of Wormtail.
    In Ch. 7, Harry tricked Tonks, the Head Girl and an assistant of Dumbledore’s, into hunting down Wormtail, forcing her to go capture him before Mrs. Norris could get to him, both on assignment to tail Harry. That was October 30, the day before Halloween. She caught him and per Snape’s instructions, sent the rat to the Ministry on November 1.
  • And then the troll happened (Ch. 8). That night, October 31, Hermione had gone to find Professor Quirrell and ask about the man he seems attached to, according to the re-touched Marauder’s map that Harry had created based on his memories. Harry caught up to her at the same time as the troll, having been held back by Draco Malfoy. When Harry struck into the troll for the last time with murderous intent, he inadvertently sent off half his soul into the living vessel of Hermione Granger.
  • She soon went into a coma that lasted for three days. Her soul itself reached out to Harry (Ch. 9), and he, thinking it was a hallucination, didn’t respond, until he was too unconscious to reject her presence (Ch. 10).
  • He woke up hours later, and miraculously, so did Hermione. He had confessed his love to her in his dream, not really sure if it was anything more. In the real world, she confessed back, having retained the memory of their meeting.
  • This is all Chapter One of The Pre-Veil Saga. Chapter Two highlights mainly consist of the First Year Duel – The Duel that changed a lot of things, on March 15, 1992. The rest played out like you assumed it did.

And that, so far, is the story on both ends. Accomplished a lot for a few scenes, huh?

Hope you enjoy what’s in store for my new favorite trio, and the greatest couple the world has ever seen in their ultimate quest to find the true Greater Good, and in the process, taking and/or thrown into a lot of detours on the path of life and love.

Expect more from me soon! I really enjoyed writing this retrospective, and if you feel like you’re missing something, this might be a helpful quicknotes guide. Let’s meet back again in, say, five chapters?

See you then!

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