Something to Ponder.

On July 21, 2015, the day I posted Harry and Harley – Chapter 11 on FanFiction.Net, Zikarn Krais reviewed with the following:

My personal opinion is that your Harry is working off of biased information and he doesn’t even seem to care. In fact, he’s only making things worse and still trying to play himself as a ‘hero’ against the system.

Batman ! Voldemort. His intentions, just like Harley professed hers to be (and I wouldn’t believe a single word out of her mouth, to be totally honest) is to clean up the city. On the other hand, things like what Harley is doing only makes things worse, because it then becomes essentially a ‘playground’ for them, rather than a city where they have to care about innocent people’s lives. And same goes for Ivy, who is clearly shown in comics to essentially be delusional in thinking that once she conquers the world for her plans, everything will be fine.

James Gordon is the only non-corrupt cop there is out there. But random acts of terrorism and killing do NOT improve the city, they worsen it.

So in this case, Harry’s thrown in with the wrong people, simply because they had sex with him. It’s understandable because he’s just another guy, but never make the claim again that Harry thinks he’s doing the right thing.

The right thing in this case would be to work the system in a way that ISN’T terrorism. Hell, it’d be to lock up Harley and Ivy in a place where they can be rehabilitated and thus not Arkham. Not be okay when people like Selina steal things, because if you let minor crimes go, why bother with the major ones? Or have the Riddler be a friend, because he basically is a terrorist, he has no reason for his acts other than his mind snapped.

For the record, when I first began writing this request, I didn’t know I was going to this point, where readers will start to question the sanity and message of Gotham’s underbelly. As the person had requested, Harry was only just supposed to get lucky with Harley (hence the title) and Ivy was more of a side-chick for the both of them, and they live happily ever after. The person who wanted that story literally asked for 5-6 thousand words.

But, silly me, I’ve expanded, and like any show that has gone on too long, people start to ask questions, and this is one of them. So, why is Harry working with the bad guys? This person brings up a good point.

Here was my response.

…. Dude, you’re taking the fun out of everything.

Harry is working with villains. Of course he’s working on a biased point of view. And he really doesn’t care.

In a sense, this is a world made from comic books, in a very altered fashion. So anything he does has no consequence, and he’s having fun with it. In a way, he’s releasing the anger that he couldn’t release in the Wizarding World, letting out his frustration in ways he couldn’t. He’s essentially planning to become somewhat of a Dark Lord / Commanding Leader in the Wizarding World, overthrowing the Government and enslaving The Magical World to a vision that he sees it, herding the sheep into a more purposeful era.

He also sees the corruption in Gotham, and the two girls aren’t incorrect. Instead of decades of Batman trying, and failing to keep the streets of Gotham completely clean, what it needs is a fresh overhaul of overwhelming force to keep the streets safe. Remember what Harry told Batman in Chapter 5?

In my story, Harley’s, Ivy’s, Eddie’s logic are more sound that in is in Canon, in whatever version. They see that Gotham is a mess. They decide to do their own work of vigilantism.

And an innocent life hasn’t been taken. Not yet.

So, in the purpose of my story, it’s all in good fun. If, in fact, this story ever gets too real to enjoy the ride, then I am genuinely sorry.

Actually, in Chapter 7, Lily Potter did sorta hint that what happened in that world has no real consequence. Maybe it’s all a freshly created world from her mind, based off of the comics she had read as she was pregnant with Harry, the world custom-built and tailored to her own vision, all for the purpose of helping her one and only son to realize, and fulfill, is true destiny?

I’d advise against thinking of the mindset of the characters, and just appreciate the story. It’s be a very boring story otherwise if Harry were on the side of good, arresting Poison Ivy and seducing a post-rehab Pamela years later. I’ve always loved the DC villains, and I’ve never read a good story based on a Harry teaming up with the dark side.

Also… maybe Harry is a bit touched? He did kill a troll at Eleven and got a Horcrux out of it, and you know what those can do to the human mind. Instead of asking whether the villains are in their right minds, since you’re convinced that they aren’t, maybe you missed that Harry isn’t exactly all there either?

My characters are not canon. Not a single one of them. So all biases can be safely thrown out the window in favor of a fun adventure with a few kids who want to see some change, done in their unique way. And, Spoiler Alert, everything just might possibly, almost certainly, gonna be okay in the end.

Thank you for reading, and thank you especially for reviewing.

Also, I forgot to mention another thing that probably would have been out of place – If you ever, and I mean ever, get the chance to see Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, you’d do a lot of things to not only stay on their good side, but you wouldn’t care about right and wrong ever again. I’d kill a man just for Ivy to look at me four seconds longer than she needed to. But unlike me, The Harry I created isn’t desperate. He plays it cool. Plus all that other stuff I said. Might be some validity in there somewhere.


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