More Updates!

As you should probably know, Harry and Harley has been updated on Patreon, and the 14th chapter is going nicely. Even if you have no intention of a patreon donation, they give you the option to follow my updates. The free ones, anyway. It’s like having two blogs.

It’s been a hell of a week for me. Giant life changes coming my way, and I’m not sure what I can handle while doing this. Writing has always been my escape from reality, and I expect that to always be the case.

At least I have Uncharted 4. Damn, that game is good. I’ve always loved that series for the visuals, but The Last of Us blew it out of the water in terms of a story I was interested in. So far, the new game is unspeakably impressive, and tantalizing in its own story. Amazing.

Also, and this is a completely random thought, but what do you think about a Hey Arnold Fanfic?

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