The Preliminary Reports.

[Redacted Paragraph, on account of the Florida Shootings. I wrote it in May, so it was completely innocent, but still, no one should read that poorly executed joke and have a tragedy in mind. The rest isn’t edited, however.]

Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on right now.

Harry and Harley is the only Harry Potter Story I have ever written that I was criticized for having too much Harry Potter in it.

I can understand that. I think. No, scratch that, add it to the list of things I’m confused about.

It’s Harry Potter and Harley Quinn, yes. But let’s not get too stuck on the name. It’s 50% Harry Potter, 50% Batman. That’s how I had always imagined this story. Harry is currently stuck in the world of Gotham, yes. But one day, he might find himself back in his own world, with Harley and Ivy following. No, scratch that, that’s what will definitely happen! I hope, anyway. I’m not known for drama.

There was a time where it was just Harry, Harley, and Ivy. The “Good Old Days.” Yeah, I could have had them just have sex around the house non stop for all eternity – it’s what the original person who requested this fic wanted – so the end of chapter four is the perfect place to end it.

That, I actually can understand. Once the story stops being simple, that’s when you lose attention to the story. It was a risk I took, involving a plot to my smutfic.

However, what I will not tolerate is the backlash against Hermione. That shit just will not be even processed. I refuse to hear it.

Megamatt09 may have banned the character from his stories, and that’s his prerogative; I don’t read them anymore (for different reasons) so I don’t have a problem with what he does. But I can safely say that every Harry Potter story I will ever write will have Hermione in a major role.

Less Hermione, More Harley and Ivy – I get that. But this is the only chapter where I haven’t mentioned Harley, and from some reviews, it sounds like Hermione used Harley’s own mallet to fornicate with her skull as she sets Ivy on fire.

You guys know me. Right? Hermione has, if you hadn’t read any of all of my stories, been my favorite character, and my preferred romantic interest of Harry Potter and Harry Potter alone. So if he’s in the story, and he’s interested in someone else, it’s probably because she’s dead or something.

Sorry. Just needed to get that off my chest. Now I need some sleep. And I will probably delete this when I wake up. So drink it in, man.

EDIT: Sorry for the outburst. This is why I can never have a podcast. Made this less harsh, and trying to get my point across better.

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