Ron Weasley – 2016 Edition.

Undeniably, I get this a lot in 2016. What did Ron ever do to deserve my undivided (and arguably uncalled for) attention? Now, since 2008, I’ve grown as a human being, I think. I’m no longer outraged. I’m not even mildly upset. In fact, I’m a little glad. My negative passion for that character inspired me to write, more than any other real influence. Or at least, any influence that I can remember – I have horrible memory.

Still, I’ve managed to put my thoughts into legible words, that I haven’t really been able to express at all, even in the epic battle between myself and whatweareafraidof (That he’s probably still convinced that he’s won).

darcorp from my hentai-foundry profile (VERY NSFW site) asks –

Great backstory really fleshed out how things came to be with Harry and the girls. I have a question maybe you could answer. I have read a lot of Harry Potter stories on HF. The one thing that stands out is that Ronald Weasley has become a punching bag and enemy of Harry. How did this happen and why? In the movies Ron might have been a little unsure of himself but he was a true friend to Harry. Why all the hate on Ron? Just curious. Keep up the good work look forward to the next chapter.

It is important to note that in another review, he said that he had never read the books, but has seen the movies. He is aware that there are entire scenes missing and liberties taken. So maybe the book didn’t exactly capture the darkest moments and delve into the main characters’ humanity (Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but they skipped the entirety of Hermione reporting the broom to McGonnagal in PoA, didn’t they?)

So, naturally, I had to think about it from the perspective of someone who watched the movies, and keeping in mind I didn’t watch 6, 7, and 7-2, and go into the world of fanfiction to see a main character being bastardized, raked over the coals, and humiliated across Harry/Hermione Stories. I mean, anyone could have gone in fresh and assumed it was the result of what happens when you lose in a love triangle, and how he shouldn’t have gotten the most popular female character in the book series to begin with.

I’ve said this before. I would have accepted Harry/Luna. But that would have been it. Maybe Ron/Luna, and Harry/Hermione. but Ron Hermione was, as honestly as I see it, a mistake.

But this was my reply to him –

I really needed to think about this comment. I mean, really, think about it.

It’s been a number of years since I’ve actually referred to the original books as a source, and read it front to cover. But I never thought highly of Ron. He was a semi-loyal friend, from what I remember. He was always laced with jealousy, seeing how successful his brothers were before him, and he knew he had to follow in their footsteps. But he didn’t really do anything. I mean, there were a lot of times where I couldn’t stand his character. The whole ‘No wonder she’s gotten any friends’ incident, to the Firebolt incident that he seemed to somehow involve himself in, to the whole “It must be nice… to not notice you lost all that Leprechaun gold because you have so much bloody money to begin with” sulk moment, to the downright 12-year old ways he tried to make Hermione jealous from the Yule Ball all the way to Lavender, to the abandonment of Harry in 4th and 7th year.

I couldn’t forgive all of that, his character has always naturally irked me. If you’d ask a Harmony fan, it’s simply not just the fact that he ended up with Hermione. If any other female character in the story was developed to a point where I actually cared about them, then maybe I would have had a more open mind. In my mind, the main character should be with the character we have the most investment in. But it was the trio all the way to the end. Harry, Hermione, and Ron. She was going to have to choose, and Ron being that choice baffled me like nothing else. Of course I’m not blaming characters, I’m blaming the author. They just don’t fit as a couple.

Throughout the years, perhaps that manifested from confusion to annoyance, and eventually, hatred. Our treatment of Ron in fanon is us venting our frustrations. When I think a character gets more than they deserve, I end up writing them as characters getting less than they want. I imagine that’s the same for other people. Look at Draco, and Snape, and sometimes even Dumbledore. Over the years, those intense feelings intensify even more That’s the best explanation I can think of, personally.

And, of course, shipping wars. Like this one. Looking back, I’m not proud.

Nothing new, I suppose. I don’t like Ron. But he was more built for someone like Pansy, to be honest. It would have been great to see him slowly break down his prejudices (instead of them being completely founded)… now that I think about it, the entire seventh book kills me. I could do better. I just need to finish writing it, instead of going on 4-year hiatuses.

Still, who agrees with me? Do you think that’s the answer to why Ron is vilified across the fandom, besides the obvious “HARMONY WERE MENT TO HAPEN” argument? Please, leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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