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Warning: Strong Language. Reader discretion advised.

Holy Fuck.

Sorry, I shouldn’t have typed that. I don’t want to offend anyone. I’ve spent my entire life trying to live by those rules. Not offending anyone. Sometimes, I fail, miserably. I have a bias for certain types of people, and I have a bias against certain types.

Sometimes, it’s based on how I was raised. My grandparents, who I live with (well, I’m down to one right now) have said the words ‘faggot’ all my life. Not because they actively hate homosexuals, but because they truly don’t/didn’t know any better. I’ve tried to teach them the go-to comparison, black and nigger, and honestly, I’ve tried to teach them modern common etiquette so long, they probably think/thought I was gay myself.

I don’t mind, as long as they know the difference. They’re black, after all. They know first-hand what a time of crisis for their people look like.

This nation, the American States, is going through a change. Some people may not think it, or not have friends that think it but our country is changing.

We are the most diverse nation in the world. We are a nation of choice.

On November 9, 2016, the people began to think that all of that was in jeopardy.

Diversity and choice – it’s what makes America truly great. There may still be intolerance and hatred and bigotry and misogyny and racism in the world, sure, but that didn’t matter to what seemed to be the majority. We were in a fantasy land that we were a proud people, who embraced everyone and could one day live in harmony. We knew the fight for equality for all people was far from over, but it looked like it was within reach.

But now, the vote was a sort of confirmation that there were more of ‘them’ than we realized. Whatever ‘them’ can be labeled as.

Remember that news article? The one about ‘Millennials’ crying over the election results? I put that word in quotations because personally, I hate that word. It’s just another category to lump people in for you to embrace or be pissed off at.

Have you seen students at American universities? It’s a petri dish of the world’s people gathered in one place. Some may still be segregated, but the ones in the videos surrounding these articles are filled with people of all races, creeds, and sexual orientations. It’s college, after all; the phase of your life when you can start truly defining who you are. There has been ridicule all around for this article in particular, and the understanding and interpretation just isn’t there – you do not have to be directly affected by this to feel a certain way about this election. They have friends who are affected. Best friends who are worried for their lives. Classmates who choose not to show up the next day. And not for the reasons that may be obvious.

Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. Would he do a good job as president? I can’t even say ‘I don’t know’. And he can’t even say that until he publicly apologizes, sincerely, for almost everything he has said throughout his entire campaign. Because the most powerful, destructive thing he’s done through all of this, that has been solidified with the election results, has been laid out in effect.


See, back in the 1970’s and before, Racism was an out and public act. It was the norm. Then it became hidden. It wasn’t gone, but it lingered, like a cough you could never get rid of, and that was through old teachings and selective personal experiences through pockets of society.

Donald Trump isn’t the most racist man in the world. But he gave hope to the people who are.

He isn’t the most misogynistic person who ever lived. But every man who’s ever wanted to grab a woman’s pussy in public feels like they have a pretty good defense. And trust me, I know it’s not a good defense, but if that was a fantasy of that person’s, then they weren’t all there to begin with.

Just like Obama, a former pot smoker. Coincidentally, Pot smokers became more brazen and outgoing than they’ve been since the 1960’s. And the more brash their movements are, the more people start paying attention. Since a majority have a passing interest, or at least can’t see the harm in it, it’s been legalized in several states because it has drummed up enough relevance and interest.

Now racists, misogynists, and xenophobic people have been drumming up their support. Whether Trump will call attention to and support these people remain to be seen, but they think that, and consequently, they recognize each other as people with a common goal; they want Trump in office. Whether Trump does anything for them or not doesn’t matter. They feel like they’ve won something. It’s a victory. And that leads to arrogance.

Which brings me back to the college kids. Their fear is valid. Mexicans should fear leaving their dorms every day, because they don’t know who is going to pound on their door, demanding them to leave the country. Muslims should worry about their hijabs being stripped off them, telling them that shit doesn’t work in Trump’s America anymore.

It’s not the presidency I’m too concerned about. What’s more worrying is the people who are speaking for Trump. People who think that their false validation leads to justification.

And then there’s the other side.

Non-whites think that whites are the enemy. No, they’re not. Not every person that voted for Trump is racist/misogynist/xenophobic/asshole, etc. They could have just never seen the news, recognized a name, and checked yes.

I’m only partially kidding. I seriously spent the last week wondering why anyone that checks that box would think that he would make a great president.

I can’t go out and ask people, I have anxiety issues. The only things I’ve had available to me are articles and YouTube Bloggers. So, I’ll take some educated guess.

Hillary hate. Okay, I can see that. Personally, everything she’s ever done in her life doesn’t compare in the slightest to what Donald promised to do, but I suppose once you hate someone, your mind’s made up.

Voting for Gary Johnson, of course, is out of the question. The election has no room for a third person. There are some idiots who voted for Johnson, and even wrote in some suggestions, like Harambe the Gorilla. Because it’s all a joke to them. Not a funny joke. In the slightest. You can’t even take a picture of the ballot and post it, because that’s illegal. So, I guess it was a personal joke that no one can verify, so only you would truly get it, and the rest of the world must suffer for it. Ha-ha.

Maybe you honestly, and truly, expect change to come with him in the White House? That’s a genuine question. Because if it’s going to be the change that the College kids are expecting, and what Trump has told you he’s going to do, then… well, that validates the original reason.

You may not be the racist, or woman-hating, gay-bashing person that some people think you might be. But you just voted for a man that, in the world’s eyes, represents all those things, and so much more.

Maybe you’re just rich, as Lil’ Wayne said. #RichLivesMatter.

Fuck Lil’ Wayne. Also, over 50% of all white people can’t be rich.

Trump’s win has been a huge anomaly in 2016. Maybe the system is rigged? Electoral College is insane, and should be abolished. Which Trump has said, at one point, he is going to do. Now, I doubt it.

I have a friend, who officially stated on his Facebook page that he is no longer standing for the National Anthem. That’s his prerogative. I completely understand his reasoning, and his hatred. He is American, but he’s an immigrant. Because, thanks to the results, he thinks that he is not only not welcome in this country, but he is less of a person for it.

This is a country built on immigration. Made from immigrants. If your response is ‘If you don’t like our country, then leave’, then you better have some actual Native American blood in you.

I also don’t want to hear the words ‘This is America, and I love my country. Accept it or you don’t love your country.’ For the last eight years, there were ‘Americans’ who didn’t accept Obama as their president, and they fared just fine as Americans.

America is a pretty good country. Pretty good. Not great. We’re number One in mass shootings, obesity, and a small number of other things.

America is a piece of land held together by a piece of paper we refuse to modernize. The original contract that made this land was written up by racists in a time of war, when everyone needed assurance and freedom to feel safe.

America is only as great as the people who inhabit it, and the people who control it. If it’s run by the same people who controlled it in 1776, then we’re in trouble.

And if we don’t want foreign people coming to our country, maybe we should stop boasting how great it is.

We’re a mess. We’re occasionally a joke. And while the rest of the world is in on it, it’s our job as an American people to do what we think is best for our country.

We seem to forget the freedoms our nation has. You have power. You have responsibility. Shape the country in a way that is beneficial to all of America, not certain pockets. Your group doesn’t matter if it’s out to hurt others. Treat each other with love and respect. Try not to vote for the latest animal that gets shot. Don’t vote for a baby gecko that survives a pit of snakes, or whatever the next thing is.

Can we agree that we learned our lesson on November 9th? If you didn’t, well, you will within the next four years.

Love your neighbors, even if you don’t agree with them. You aren’t more important than the person next to you. We are all created equal. Your life has the same value, and your interests and opinions have the right to be heard as much as the next person.

And whatever you’re going through, just know that you are not alone in this. There is help everywhere. The popular vote is affirmation of that. You are important. We will all fight to keep your rights, and respect your presence. Not toleration, but embracement. There is a difference.

Love yourself. Be yourself. Every group has a few bad apples, and they shouldn’t represent the entre bunch. Every race should know how that feels.

I honestly did not want to write this. I truly don’t want to piss anyone off. (Except Lil’ Wayne. Fuck that guy.) But if it ends up helping one person, or help someone understand the state of our country better, then I would write a hundred more articles like this.

It’s not the end of the world. But for some people, it feels like it, and they’re completely justified in thinking that because they think they’re helpless. So, let’s not be assholes about their worries, okay?

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