I’m a Fanfiction Writer. Mostly, I do Harry Potter, but I tend to dabble in other things. It’s a very fun gig; if I could make money somehow, I would. But I’m not creative enough to write something original, and even if I was, I’d never finish it, and even if I did, I wouldn’t make any money.

Anyway, I’m a writer. But I occasionally do things that aren’t allowed on FanFiction.Net, such as Rants and extended Author’s Notes with no stories attached. I have a website, rihaansfics.com, where I put in other things that I can’t put anywhere else. I write a lot. And that’s probably why I have this hobby. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I write stories a lot. I have a lot of nonsensical items that I just have to get off my chest, or just snippets of things I like to write, or maybe some glimpses of ideas that I like to share about a story idea, or a story that I’m currently writing, to gauge the audience before I make it official.

I like to think I’m a good author, and I like to think that some people out there care about some or most of my stories. While all the other sites are for my stories, and does not accept blogs (which sometimes pisses me off, by the way – if you can write something akin to a journal, why not post it on fanfiction.net, or at least fictionpress. There is a TON of crap on that site that’s under the guise of a fiction.)

Personally, I would love to post Thoughts and Questions and Rants there, simply because I already have a following there, with Subscribers and Author Alerts. And really, who wants to go to an unfamiliar place and follow someone a second time, when you’re already following them? I wouldn’t. I thank you if you choose to do so, but I wouldn’t.

This way, I write whatever I want, and you can subscribe without all those confusing stories in the way. Look at the categories you want to visit (such as FAQs or Rants/Raves) and see what I have to say. I have no guarantees, but I have a LOT to say.

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