Patreon Goals

Here, I will lay out each Patreon Goal, and better explain them. If you have a suggestion, a complaint, or need more information, please say so in the comments, or directly through

I really hope that writing, in whatever form, could be a legitimate thing, and Patreon is that platform that can help me, maybe. My ultimate goal is to write full-time, and not have to worry about the bills. It’s useless without your encouragement and support, however.

$200 – That is when this hobby turns over into something viable. I love writing, but sometimes, life takes over, and I have to think about priorities, or more accurately, immediate family members will constantly remind me about priorities. With this goal on a consistent basis, writing the stories you love becomes a bigger priority, because honestly, I don’t want to do anything but this.

$500 – More art commissions – I have a gallery, freshly added and refurbished, onto my website. You can tell that my site has a lot of new add-ons, by the way. For the past decade, I have been writing fanfiction, so it’s only logical that I also like fanart. I can’t draw, but I have been known to take a decent photo or two.

So this option will give me the chance to have customized art. Characters, Scenes, Story covers; anything is possible.

$1,000 – Podcast – Subject to change. If I ever get to 1,000, I’d consider it a pretty big deal. Having so many fans (Or a decent number of fans with expendable income), I’d think I should be able to evolve from a mere blog.

I love podcasts, I’m subscribed to about 30 of them. And livestreaming videogames on Twitch is slowly, but surely, getting me over my anxiety of speaking in a public forum. I want to be able to contribute, and host it on my own website, for Patrons and the public. (But Patrons would get the episode first.)

Now if only I could find something to talk about…

$1,200 – Pays the Bills Rewards – At this point, I should probably start hiring people. I imagine an impressive workload, but I also expect to hit a stride by that point. Unless a thousand more people suddenly decide to give a dollar.

That is the almost exact amount it will take me to pay the bills in my house, instead of relying on my mother’s Social Security, and if I’m lucky, may be a huge dent in paying off my Student Debt. Trust me, will take a while to get to this goal.

But I can offer something in return, and here it is – I will host a raffle, to 5+ Patrons, for a copy of my fanfiction. Stupid, right. Only instead, it’s in hardcover book form.

Obviously, I can’t sell a fanfiction. Pretty sure that’s illegal. But I can get it printed and personalized, with exclusive art, design, fonts, and a beautiful cover. And I can hold monthly raffles to decide who will get a (signed?) copy of your favorite story of mine. Hoping against hope that it would be completed by then, but I’ve got some good finished ones, I hope you would agree.

I’ve considered making copies of my own stories and putting them on my bookshelf (because I’m really vain like that) but they are ungodly expensive. Hence the high Goal.

But once again, and I must stress this – This is the goal at the minimum, that helps me stop worrying about how life is kicking my ass. ‘Tip-Jar’ is no more, and this becomes an Honest-to-God J.O.B. I really want us all to get there, and I will be forever grateful if I could spend the day writing fanfiction, and original stories, and know that so many people care for the stuff that I do.

But we’ve got a long way to go.

$1,500 – This is the bonus level.

I will write a full-length novel, one that will actually be on Amazon and everything. Could be something erotic, could be something light and fun, could be something disturbing. Could be all of the above, like Twilight. And I don’t want to say that I could do better than Twilight, in sense of story, but… come on. Please.

Will you help fund what could be the next phenomenon in fanfiction breakthroughs? If 50 Shades of Grey made it out of a Twilight parody, what would happen if a Harry Potter writer (an overall better series in general) actually tried?

Thanks for at least giving this a read. If you found yourself more than curious about Patreon, and it’s inner workings, or you want to support me in an official capacity, click here. If you request it, I will put up the actual individual pledges and rewards, in deeper context, on another date.

Thank you for reading, and, as always, thank you so much for being a patron.

For questions and/or concerns, please comment on my Patreon Page.