Archive Beta

This is a beta. Just getting that part out of the way.

This is… ambitious, to say the least. Hosting Harry Potter fanfictions has always been a thought, to collect an archive of stories for the fanfiction reader, without those pesky rules and regulations, but to actually attempt it would be a daunting task.

Now, however, It looks to be the right time to do something like this. And, even if there is very little support, this will be seen through.

Submit at your own risk.

THIS is an example of the story outline. Please read for further details, or this will be your story format.

THIS is the submission document. Very helpful.

Announcement of the Archive here.
Submission Template here.
Actual Archive here.

Submitting a chapter or story is pretty straight-cut. Email the chapter or story to, with any contact information you wish to share with your readers, such as your email, or your yahoo group, or your facebook page. The entire concept of this Archive Beta is for more views on your story, and to build a bigger base of dedicated readers/fans.At least of few of the visitors who look at this site every day might check you out.

Items Required with email: [CLICK HERE FOR TEMPLATE]

Subject line for Email – [Story Title: Chapter # – Chapter Title] or [Story Title] Must have the capitalization you want presented.

  • The Content (story or chapter). Wow me with your brilliance.
  • Pen name and link to preferred fanfiction profile page or email address you want to be contacted by readers from. If you want or need a profile page, please login or register for one through Pen names are mandatory, a link is not, if you prefer some form of anonymity.
  • Disclaimer. OPTIONAL. And that may be the best part about this archive. We’ve got you covered.
  • Rating of Story. Please check the Ratings page for the universal ratings system of this site, and make the decision at your discretion. It can be changed on a chapter-to-chapter basis.
  • Sub-domain for author (when submitting for the first time). Once changed, cannot be unchanged. The permanent link to your section of this site would be Mine would be, etc. This will be the link that will ultimately lead to a list of stories that you have submitted, or a direct link to your only story. Choose the permanent URL that you want. Nothing too vulgar, and max. 20 characters. No capitalization, URLs are adamantly against that. Spaces are advised against (URLs will replace an empty space with ‘%20’), but can be used. I do allow name changes, but please don’t abuse it.
  • Story Description/Summary. Whether it be for a search engine like Google or Bing, or for the story listings, the description/summary sells the idea of your story to your audience, and gives your future reader a glimpse into what they’re in for. This is heavily advised to have, but ultimately optional.
  • Keywords. (Choices) Specific words you want your story to be found under when typed into a search engine, that isn’t part of your summary/description. Your pen name and the words ‘Harry’ and ‘Potter’ are automatically listed as a keyword unless otherwise told. This is also optional. Limit to 25 words.

Chapters and stories submitted will be given the default option of the rihaansfics story format, here.


  • Here are the things that are allowed in your story: Everything. There are no obligatory rules for the content in your story, as long as there is Harry Potter-related content, and it is YOUR STORY. No plagiarism, thank you. If the story cannot be found anywhere else, at the author’s wishes or otherwise, please go here instead. Of course, it does not have to be in strict story format. Poems, scripts, a collection of notes, or anything of that variety is allowed. Slash is allowed, or anything that constitutes a warning, but please put that warning in the forefront – Do NOT hide it.
  • There is a quality threshold in place. If you troll me, I see no reason to put your shit up on my site.
  • It is purely at the admin’s discretion to allow or disallow any content on this site, and any server associated with it.
  • Advertising should be minimal. A banner of your choosing is safe, or a website link, if you aspire for some form of revenue from a partner, but you are solely responsible for the content it leads to or contains.
  • PICTURES – If it’s illegal everywhere else, then it’s illegal here. No pedophilia, or bestiality, or Necrophilia (So, just avoid 4chan altogether). No previously copyrighted pictures. Make sure you have full ownership (or permission) of your art and/or pictures. All pictures must be approved first when sent to the email stated, along with the story or beforehand if you’re unsure. If it involves special warnings, please provide them.
  • Provided information must be accurate. There may be inquiries to your story, and the reader may want to be in contact with you, if you choose that option.