Happy Birthday, Hermione.

She really doesn’t get enough recognition, especially when it comes to birthdays. I mean, sure, the occasional fanfic will be released in her honor, and the massive amounts of hentai will also make itself known and be noticed around this time of everyone’s favorite bookworm, but… well, she’s a fictional book character, I get that. I also get that she’s not even the super-main character. Fun fact – not even on one of the covers

Yeah, I’m Still Alive.

Well, here we are again. Just an update on the happenings. I’ve never done this before, so pardon my petty excuses. I’m only posting this here, because I want to focus the rage to just here. Chapter 2 of The Benson Burner Project: 4,632 Words The List, another epic novel I’m working on: 25,600 Words so far. Aiming for 60,000. I’m stupidly ambitious. Several one-shots I’m working on, because they can’t leave my mind, and