Harmony vs. Romione, Part II

After quite the long absence, our fellow Heron fan returns to make me think riddikulus things. From now on, I will refer to whatweareafraidof as a male (even though I still have no idea of gender) and his nickname is Heron (Hermione/Ron). Once again, purely for my amusement, the entire conversation is unedited. I did not improve, I did not make it worse. I simply copy-pasted, and changed the color. Heron is purple, I am

The List

This is the beginning of my newest story. This could be an open challenge for some writers out there. Here is the beginning concept, the first 500 words of the story. —————- The List. More or less the Hogwarts version of the Bible, or the Torah. Written by the most eligible bachelor in the Wizarding World, the Conqueror of Voldemort, the Boy-Who-Lived-So-Bloody-Many-Times-That-Sometimes-You-Wonder-That-He-Just-Might-Be-Immortal, Harry James Potter. It was a simple list. Some call it sexist; others

Harmony vs. Romione

A long time ago, when I got my first and last true flamer, I was told to embrace the hatred, learn from it, grow from it, and move on. So I’m doing that. But sometimes, I like to reflect on it. Was I wrong? Was I the one talking shit? You be the judge. And flame me on it. And who knows, you might be put up on this site next. I wasn’t planning on

Why do you lean towards Dark Harmony?

I have a very cynical mind. I remember my favorite episode of the old Justice League Animated Series is the episode that Superman kills Lex Luthor, and the entire future is, frankly, a better one. Every time I look at Batman, I always wonder what it would be like if he just put the Joker down. All of us have wondered it once or twice in our lives, right? I can’t be the only one.


Sir or Madam, if you are asking when I am going to post the next chapter for my story (And I really hope you are asking that), then I would just like to say that I have never made a penny off of any of this. That being said, I have things to do to provide a living for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, and anytime I get the chance to do

Okay, what the hell with all the Ron and Ginny-bashing?

I’ll be honest here, and I’ve never admitted this before – I could easily picture myself writing a Harry/Ginny story. Before she goes all slut!Ginny on us, and after we are told that Ginny thinks of Harry as a normal dude (Hermione said it, but I don’t believe her), so Fourth year, or late third year is the optimum striking time. I’ve read exactly one Harry/Ginny in the past 7 years, a story I discovered